Fall Concession Signups are open!
Please go to SignUp Genius to volunteer to work concessions during the fall athletic season. This is the biggest fundraiser that supports our band, choir and guard programs, and we need all families to participate. Once you have worked three shifts, the Concession Stand Fee will be refunded.

2017 Bulldog Color Fun Run/Walk
Thank you for all who participated in the Color Run on Saturday, July 22. We had a small group, but it was lots of fun. Special thanks to the Kohls Associates in Action who volunteered to work at the event, which qualified MUMBI for a donation from Kohls!

The Milton-Union Music Boosters has engaged with a company called Funds2Orgs to conduct a new and gently used shoe drive as a fundraiser for our new band uniforms.  We are paid by the pound for shoes that are then sent to micro-entrepreneurs around the world who clean and repair the shoes and can then sell them for a small profit.  Our donations allow our shoes to be re-purposed for those in need while at the same time providing a livelihood for someone in poverty to support themselves and their family.  See letter for more details.

The program is SIMPLE.  We collect the shoes, match the pairs, place 25 pairs of shoes in a plastic bag and hold the bags until our pickup.  No selling involved!  

A collection box is available at the Milton-Union Public Library.  If you need more details please email at fundraising@mumusicboosters.org. 

You will be surprised at how interested people are to get rid of old shoes! JUST ASK!!